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What we do

PTO Events is an all-in-one platform designed to transform how clubs, associations, non-profits, and groups manage their event and ticketing operations.

With dynamic features tailored to enhance member engagement, streamline event management, and simplify payments, PTO Events empowers organizations to focus on what truly matters – the success and fun for your organization.

Discover how PTO Events can elevate your organizations effectiveness and organisation, making administrative tasks seamless and maximising participation within your community.

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How it works

Unique service

Register today to get your very own PTO Events website and revolutionise your organization’s events today.

Seamless operations

A one-stop-shop for setting up, managing, communicating, volunteer, ticketing and event management for all your organization’s fundraising activities.

Efficient administration

From member engagement to event planning, PTO Events simplifies every aspect of organization management.

Unlock your organization’s potential

Join thousands of organisations that have harnessed the power of the PTO Events service to raise funds, boost engagement, and streamline their event activities.

Comprehensive support

Experience hassle-free support, with an extensive set of FAQs, highly engaged and supportive community as well as our brilliant email support.

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We’ve helped raise over $33 million for good causes!


Organisations registered


Tickets sold


Orders processed


Events supported

Unlock a world of possibilities


List all of your events and event information on your PTO Events website.


Sell tickets / bookings / merchandise / kits / uniforms / raffle tickets / 100 clubs or club clothing.


Easy integration with Stripe (Credit / Debit cards) to keep your organization’s finances under control.

Online auctions

Auction items to increase your fundraising and engage with your community.


Communicate with your event attendees, committee, volunteers, customers as well as club members and reps.

Task & volunteer management

Add unlimited tasks and easily recruit volunteer to help with your events and organization activities.

Attendee Information

Ask unlimited questions of varying types to ensure you know all you need to know about your event attendees.


Extensive financial reporting, sales reports and event attendee information.


Send out your organisation newsletter to all your community, who’ve signed up for it.


Add news articles with our easy-to-use Content Management System.

Features that will make a difference to your organization:

Seamless event management

Your club time-saving superhero with simple and effective event management and ticketing features, all under one roof.

Fundraising made easy

From inception to execution, PTO Events supports end-to-end fundraising for your organization’s initiatives.

Engagement boost

Empower members with features designed to enhance participation and collaboration.

Dynamic Communication

Reach your community through seamless communication tools.

Event excellence

Streamline event planning, ticketing, and payment processes effortlessly.

Effortless administration

Simplify your organization management tasks, reducing stress and increasing effectiveness.

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Choose your annual plan

Introducing our suite of features designed to cater to organizations of all sizes.

PTO Events Starter


  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Tickets/Products
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Auctions
  • Unlimited Sponsors
  • Unlimited Business Directory
  • Unlimited Members/Groups
  • Unlimited FAQs
  • Unlimited Emails
  • File Storage
  • Ticket Scanning (Extra charge)
  • Prize Draws (Raffles)
  • Card Payments (Stripe)
  • 2.95% Platform Fee

PTO Events Pro

$399.99 +VAT

  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Tickets/Products
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Auctions
  • Unlimited Sponsors
  • Unlimited Business Directory
  • Unlimited Members/Groups
  • Unlimited FAQs
  • Unlimited Emails
  • File Storage Included
  • Ticket Scanning (No Fee)
  • Prize Draws (Raffles)
  • Card Payments (Stripe)
  • 1.50% Platform Fee

Take a look at our family of feature-rich support platforms for Clubs, PTAs, PTOs, and Charities.

Frequently asked questions

PTO Events was founded in response to the need for efficient and streamlined club management, running events, integrated ticketing and simple tools to accelerate a organization’s fundraising. Our platform was developed to empower organizations to handle administrative tasks with ease and to create engaging experiences for members.

Join the PTO Events revolution by signing up today!

It’s easy to sign up – just select which plan works for your organisation and complete the form.

Once completed you will be notified on how to set up your organization, take payments, and get started setting up your very first event.

Click the "Get Started" button below to see which plan suits your organization’s needs.

In order to set up your unique PTO Events website, you will need to provide details on who you are, your organization’s name, address, and choose your unique PTO Events web address, along with a password.

Registration takes no more than a few minutes to complete, and you will receive a follow-up email detailing everything you need to know to get started with your very own PTO Events site.

If you have recently registered, please wait for the initial email to confirm your PTO Events account has been set up and follow the instructions in the email.

If you have received your "Getting Started" email and still cannot login to your PTO Events account, please contact: support@pto-events.com.

Starter (Freemium):

It is FREE to join the starter plan - all the key features are there for you to use for free. Advertising will be displayed on the site, and we have a "family focused policy" on all the adverts that are presented.

You have a choice as to whether the platform fee (2.95%) is paid by your organization or included in the price of a purchased ticket. The majority of our organisations include the small platform fee in their ticket prices.

The only additional cost is if your organization wishes to use the QR code scanning app - where a small fee is applicable.

Pro (Premium):

With the PTO Events Pro plan, you can be in control of your own unlimited advertising spaces and unlimited business directory, to help creat an additional stream of income for your organization.

As an added bonus too, you get a reduced platform fee of 1.50% and the scanning QR application is included in the Premium annual fee. The annual cost of the premium plan is $399.99 + VAT.

Absolutely! You’re welcome to sign up for multiple PTO Events accounts for your different PTAs. Each one will receive its own dedicated PTO Events website. This ensures that everything related to each PTA is conveniently and securely organised and accessible in one place.

The latest version of PTO Events offers a range of functionalities tailored for your organization’s needs. It streamlines setting up, running, and managing events, ticketing for products, fun days, uniforms/kits, and more.

Integral components like event management, ticketing, simplified payment processing, online auctions, prize draws (raffles), communication, task and volunteer coordination, attendee management, reporting, and donations are all included in this version of the platform.

Whilst the current version of PTO Events provides a comprehensive suite of tools, full member management and monthly subscription payment features are currently in development to create a complete end-to-end organization Management Superhero solution.

Back in 2013, David Cooke, a parent and PTA member (Parent Teacher Association), launched PTA Events for his children’s school. Recognising the demanding tasks faced by PTAs, schools, and volunteers, David envisioned a system that would alleviate the hassles of event and attendee management, volunteers and cash handling.

Fast forward to today: PTA Events has blossomed into a multifaceted family suite of services that also includes PTO Events, Clubs Hub, and Charity Hub. Catering to global organisations, these platforms emerge as timesaving, feature-packed powerhouses. They simplify ticket sales, member communication, volunteer coordination, integrated payment process, financial management and drive fundraising activities to a broader audience.

Through these platforms, thousands of organisations have rallied their communities, hosting enthralling events and raising millions, with proceeds channelled directly back into their community enrichment.

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